Infowarriors in New Zealand

Billy Te Kahika is the leader of the New Zealand public party and I believe that Billy TK isn’t just a conspiracy theorist he is an Infowarrior and I think this is a dangerous and offensive distinction. I first became aware of Billy only recently through Facebook post mostly about Covid and vaccines. Some of the language used in articles about him really stuck out to me, the term Globalist sent a shiver down my spine. Alex Jones has been on air for 30 odd years and for most of it he has been ranting about Globalists an elite group of shadowy overlords who control the world with a nefarious agenda. Alex didn’t invent the term, in its normal context it has been around for centuries it was introduced to the conspiracy theory world by a man named Bill Cooper. Bill is considered by many to be the grandfather of the conspiracy world he published a book called ‘behold a pale horse’ in this book among other things he printed in full a document called ‘The Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion’ in the pretext he told readers to replace the word Zionist with Globalist. The history and impact of the protocols is lengthy, although they were fake they have been used to fuel anti Semitic propaganda since their creation. Much of the propaganda of the Nazis was based on the protocols, Henry Ford printed and distributed them in full and then Bill Cooper gave them new life under the term Globalist.

Back to Billy looking at the party website there are three tabs in the ‘what we are about’ headings: our broken bill of rights, Agenda 21/30 and New Zealand’s mega debts. Agenda 21 was very much an Infowars story Alex jones has spent many hours of his show ranting about how the UN is going to enforce Agenda 21. It is in fact such an old Alex conspiracy it seems quaint, it is also thoroughly debunked and logically nonsensical. It is a real document and if the UN took such things into consideration they should have given it a less ominous sounding name, but it is simply a set of non binding aspirational goals. So in my mind I have at least two examples of Alex Jones speech, but that isn’t enough to convince myself let alone anyone else.
I looked through a few of the YouTube videos and came across one titled ‘The Fall of the Cabal’ it turned out to just be a long clip of the party launch but that title seemed strange. Cabal once again has a deep history in anti semetic propaganda and is a favorite of Alex Jones. There is no mention of cabals in the clip, but there was a few points of interest. Overall Billy doesn’t seem that charismatic as a speaker so I find it strange he is gathering such support. He makes some claims to military intelligence training and I have seen in other videos he has gone to great lengths to back that up. I have no reason to doubt any of his personal details and this isn’t so much about him. He does claim to be able research and read articles and see through to the truth. Its kind of similar stuff to Alex but nothing I would call directly relatable. He also claims everything is documented ‘its not conspiracy theory’. He claims Anthony Faucci was on the board of the Bill and Melinda gates foundation which he wasn’t this is a lie, its not spin or mis-representation it is a straight lie. He calls Jacinda Ardern a fully groomed globalist then engages in some gross misogyny to weird applause before agenda 21 is discussed in vague terms. The term technocrat appears briefly another favorite of Jones and then in a truly weird and frankly appalling moment Billy talks for about ten minutes about the UN and how they are communists in league with W.H.O to take over the world. He then praise the president of Belarus for standing up to WHO. If you are as well researched as Billy claims to be you might know Alexander Lukashenko as Europe’s last dictator the 25 year authoritarian leader of a communist economy. The mention of this man who voted for his country to stay in the soviet union and has a long history of humans rights violations got a loud round of applause at a political event in New Zealand! Billy built a whole narrative around globalist’s and communist trying to subjugate the world in tyranny then called Alexander ‘Hitler wasn’t all bad’ Lukashenko a ‘great man’. At this point I threw my phone at the floor and ranted at my cat for 5 minutes. When I picked it back up Jamie lee Ross had taken the stage Jamie’s speech is much slicker and then at 57 min and 50sec he uses the phrase “the communist Chinese government” then at 105.15, 106.30,107, 108, 109. Six times in twelve minutes kind of like a mantra. There are legitimate concerns surrounding Chinese government involvement in New Zealand politics and it is a platform Jamie is very strong on so why should his use of this phrase be surprising. Alex Jones will never say the word Chinese without the word communist in front of it, it is his mantra and now Jamie is using the same tactic. He could use any number if phrases to describe the leadership of China which is an authoritarian dictatorship, but he repeats the same phrase six times. In amongst that he claims to have documents leaked to him that he has tried to bring to parliament and been blocked and claims he will try and enter them again “but if I can’t you will know why.” This is a tactic that both Billy and Jamie use and almost everyday Alex claims to have leaked documents he is going to release and never does.

Alex Jones has been doing his thing for decades and make no mistake he is brilliant at what he does. He is on air for 3-4 hours at a time 3 times a week he is loud and brash and never uses a teleprompter. He flashes up headlines and waves around stacks of articles as he talks, he claims to have top level sources leaking information to him. If you take the time to actually read the articles he posts most of them don’t say what he claims many of them are written by people associated with the show or taken from highly dubious sources, and an alarming amount come from RT the state run Russian broadcaster. I haven’t read many of the articles or sources Alex uses but Dan Friesian has. Dan and his buddy Jordan do a podcast called Knowledge Fight where they look at all the claims Alex makes in exhaustive detail I listen to knowledge fight which is what has triggered my interest in Billy, Jamie and the NZPP.Knowledge fight
Alex Jones for most of his career has been labelled a conspiracy theorist a term he will deny, but he is not. He is not a wacky kook or a truth seeker he is not the ‘tip of the spear’ fighting the globalists by exposing the truth. Alex Jones is a propagandist and I don’t use that word lightly. News outlets mainstream and otherwise tend to always have a political bias and will pick stories and spin them to benefit their preferred ideologues. Journalists report as accurately as possible the news as they see it. Alex is none of these his support of Trump has been clear continued and unwavering, but when did he start supporting Trump and why? This was a question that in 2017 Dan set out to answer, because Alex hadn’t always been a Trump supporter he isn’t even a Republican he is a Libertarian and in the lead up to the 2016 election he was supporting Ron Paul the republican candidate with a libertarian agenda. Up to a month before the election Alex was saying he didn’t trust Trump and that he was bought and paid for by a consortium of business men on the east coast, this is a reference to Trumps alleged Mob ties. Alex claimed that Trump had funded Hillarys past campaigns and that he was a globalist secret democrat trying to de-rail the GOP. Alex’s swift and complete switch to promoting Trump came in a election campaign that is shrouded in accusations from all side of interference and dirty tricks, but flipping Alex Jones may have been the dirtiest. Here is where we start to get back into conspiracy thinking because Alex Jones was targeted by a Russian influence campaign that may have been the difference between Trump winning or losing and some of the evidence is alarmingly obvious. The knowledge fight investigation is lengthy at 18 episodes some of them  reaching 3 hrs long. Within it Dan details the slow progression of Alex from being completely against Trump to full on mouth piece propagandist. The investigation involves Roger Stone, Steve Pieczenik, Alexander Dugin and a whole range of weird and wonderful characters and if you want an insight into what was going on in the 2016 elections then it is well worth listening to.
So what does this have to do with Billy TK and the NZPP am I suggesting that they have been the targets of a Russian influence campaign to disrupt the election? No of course not that would be as absurd as suggesting the entire UN is a communist plot to take over the world and kill most of the population. What I am worried about is Billy, his party and his people are being fed mis-informtion from the same sources that turned Alex into a propaganda mouth piece for Donald Trump.

On the morning Sunday 4th of August Billy posted to his Facebook account a full episode of the Alex Jones show and urged his followers to watch it. Alex is baned from Facebook so this was a copy someone must have shared from another source . Facebook eventually pulls down most of these links but it is possible to watch his show from the info wars website. Some of the comments on this post showed dismay that Billy would share such a video people were worried it would harm his image but most showed support for the video and dismay at its removal. Their are lots of reasons to not like Alex Jones but paramount among that should be his denial of Sandy Hook. On the 14th of December Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children, 6 teachers and his mother at Sandy Hook elementary school before shooting himself. Alex Jones claims it was all faked he said no children were killed and all the parents and first responders were crisis actors. The families who were grieving the loss of their children received death threats from Infowars listeners. Alex claims he never said it was fake and all he did was start a debate. Alex is currently being sued by the parents and he will most likely loose because unbelievably the footage from his show where he says “its all completely fake,” “its all staged” is still available in the archives of his own website. Next on the Alex Jones list of greatest hits is Pizzagate the conspiracy that came out of the Hillary Clintons leaked emails. There is no evidence any of it is true but Alex spent a long time promoter of it and to this day will claim it is real. He said to his listeners that ‘someone should go check it out’, and someone did Edgar Maddison Welch drove to Comet Ping Pong pizzarea  believing there were children trapped in the basement being abused in horrible ways. He had 3 firearms with him and ended up firing one inside the pizzeria, no one was hurt and no children were rescued, there is no basement the entire thing is absurd but as the philosopher Voltaire said if you can get people to believe in absurdities you can get them to commit atrocities.